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The Purpose of Pre-Takeoff Checklist Items

November 2, 2017
The pre-takeoff checklist is a systematic procedure for making a check of the engine, controls, systems, instruments, and avionics prior to flight

  • The idea is to find any problems before taking off
  • Procedures will vary greatly between aircraft. In general, follow the manufacturer’s instruction laid out in the POH to know what to check, the reasons to check each item, how to detect a malfunction, and to ensure the aircraft is in a safe operating condition as recommended by the manufacturer

Reasons for Checking each Item

Detecting Malfunctions

  • Malfunctions will also be detected per the manufacturer’s limitations and instruction set forth in the POH
Ensure the Airplane is in Safe Operating Condition 

GoPro - Flight to Friday Harbor

May 16, 2018

Great afternoon flight to Friday Harbor and back - Enjoy!

Credits to Curran for the video!

The NEW addition 

May 19, 2018

As summer arrives quality aircraft to train in become difficult to find. 

The new addition is a sweet "like new" Cessna 150, and as many say - the greatest trainer of all time. 

Full IFR certified and Approach GPS equipped for PVT, COMM, INSTR and ATP training - ENJOY! 

GoPro - The NEW Addition

June 12, 2018


The new addition is a sweet "like new" Cessna 150. Full IFR certified and Approach GPS equipped for PVT, COMM, INSTR and ATP training - ENJOY! 

Credits to Curran for the video! 

Lauren Dowdell Wins the Woman's Aviation Scholarship

January 22, 202

I had the pleasure of being instructed by Kurt Cantarano through my Private Pilot. Kurt prepared me well for my Private Pilot check ride and was a crucial part to my acceptance in the Central Washington University flight program. He has prepared me to fly at the top of my peer group flying several aircrafts including the Glass Cockpit Ranger VAR7, Cessna 172, Cessna 150, and now the Piper Archers at Central. My training with Kurt included several long cross-country flights. He invests time and knowledge into his students and grants us unique opportunities that you will not see at any other flight school. I am now pursuing my degree in Professional Pilot- First Officer with a minor in Aviation Management. Kurt helped me receive a large financial scholarship even after our training had ceased, and we keep in touch often. Kurt cares about his students and works hard to help us succeed. When receiving instruction by Kurt you are guaranteed to receive authentic, compassionate, intelligent instruction that has been perfected by years in the aviation field. I would highly recommend Kurt as an instructor.